21 color options in three sizes
100% warranty - if the roses fades away we will exchange it by a new one
Delivery all over the world

* We pack roses in unique gift
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84 options of sophistication on offer
Glass dome height - 34 cмDiameter - 20 см
Glass dome height - 24 смDiameter - 14 см
The Rose Family
Glass dome height - 45 смDiameter - 28 см
The Rose Heart
Glass dome height - 34 смDiameter - 20 см
The Love Story


  • To the beloved woman

    It is a great present that will demonstrate all the depth of your feelings. Choose delicate pink rose, sensual red one or even the blue rose to match the eye color of your darling!

  • To your family members

    Rose in a glass domecan be considered to be the best present for your mother, sister, aunt, daughter or even a friend. It will be a special proof of your love and gratefulness, that will serve as a constant reminder of you for many years to come.

  • To the bride

    It can be an impressive wedding present that will leave behind any bunch of flowers in terms of being original.

  • It can be an impressive wedding present that will leave behind any bunch of flowers in terms of being original.

    As a sign of respect. It will be the present that will help you differentiate yourself from others who will present usual flower sets.

  • To the person celebrating her birthday

    It will be an exclusive surprise. It will serve as a great addition to the compliments to beauty and youth of the person celebrating some special occasion.

  • To the person who has got everything.

    If you don`t know what to present, present somebody a fairy tale! Magic flower will make the bearer be excited and smile.


Choose the best fresh flowers

We use fresh, just starting to blossom preserved roses of elite kinds. Originally from Ecuador.

Special handmade glass dome

Transparent glass domes made of firm glass prevent any kind of influence of the surrounding conditions on the flowers the same as any mechanic damage. They can be easily taken from and put back onto the stand made of the polished wood.

Safe preservation

Each flower is kept in stable condition: rose humidity is substituted with the solution on the base of glycerin (safe ingredient used in cosmetology). The process of photosynthesis is stopped this way and that is why the roses don`t fade away and don`t grow any more.

It is required to handle the roses carefully.

Our roses in glass domes do not require any watering or special conditions for keeping them. It is enough to protect them from the direct sun rays, water, condensate and steam and they should not be left by sources of heat.


 Delivery by post or by courier
around Ukraine and all over the world
 Courier delivery around Kiev
100 uah

Post delivery according to the prices of Nova Poshta. Cash on delivery is possible


  • Lighting

    Do not keep it under the direct sun rays onto the flower. Long influence of ultra violet will cause damage. of stabilized plants and leads to their steady fading. Do not place the rose next to halogen bulbs or any other sources of electric lighting which produce high level of heat.

  • Temperature

    Ideal range of temperature for flowers is from +10 to +25 °C. Possible range is from +3 to +30+°C.

    The flower has to be placed on the distance not less than two meters from any sources of heat and microwave radiation.

  • Humidity

    Humidity has to be between 60 and 80%. Avoid spilling any water onto the surface of the flower itself. Under the conditions of low humidity (less than 40%) the rose will dry out and becomes very fragile.

  • Condensate

    Flowers in glass bulbs do not like extreme temperature changes as the result of which there can appear condensate on the surface of flower. Prevent condensate appearance as its presence in big amount will make the flower soft as the result of which it can lose its color and shape.

    Pay your attention: condensate drops can contain the flower juice and may leave the spot when they happen to be on cloth or furniture. Try to remove such dirt as soon as possible using warm water with stain remover.


Are these flowers real?

Yes, all our roses are real and live.

How long will they last for and is there any warranty?

Provided that you follow all our care tips our roses will last for five years. We do advise you to read all our care tips.Minimum term of rose if you neglect all the tips that have been stated above is 6 months.We do guarantee the exchange of the rose that faded away during one year if all the requirements as for maintenance were followed by you and the keeping conditions were not violated.

Why does the rose lasts so long?

Our flowers are the preserved ones. When producing the preserved flowers the liquids are vapored from the flowers and exchanged by the content that exchanges its natural liquids in the flower on a cell level slows down the regeneration process as well as blocks the photosynthesis process. Thanks to this technology the flowers do not need watering, sun light and specialized maintenance.

What are the possible sizes?

Currently there are four options of our roses on offer:Premium - dome height 12.5" (34cm), the diameter - 7" (20 cm). Flower bud diameter - 2.5" (7-8 cm). The weight is approximately 3,3 lbs (1.5 kg.)Mini - dome height - 10" (24 cm), the diameter - 6" (14 cm). Flower bud diameter - 2" (5-6 cm). The weight is approximately 1.7 lbs (800 gr.)TheRoseFamily - dome height - 18" (45 cm), the diameter - 10" (25cm). There are three flowers in the set. Each flower bud diameter is 3" (9 -10 cm). The weight is approximately 6.6 lbs (3 kg.)TheRoseHeart - dome height 12.5" (34cm), the diameter - 7" (20 cm). Flower bud diameter - 2.5" (7-8 cm). The weight is approximately 3,3 lbs (1.5 kg.)

How to make an order?

You can make your order on our website and by phone: +380937445334 (Viber/WhatsApp)

Do the petals fall off during the life of a rose?

No, they don`t. The flower petals are the part of the arrangement.

Where can we find you?

We are located in Kiev, Ukraine.

Can the delivery be ordered to another city and won`t the glass dome be broken?

Yes, of course you can. Shipping is performed by Nova Poshta all over Ukraine. We pack all our flower arrangements by ourselves using the factory foam, so you should not worry as for the damage of the glass dome.A few tips on how to collect your order from Nova Poshta:Collect the rose from the post office gentle.Do not turn the package (on the box it will be stated where the upper side is) and hold the bottom when carrying.It will be packed in Styrofoam (not to break the glass dome), which should be removed carefully.In case on the post you have any suspicion that the glass dome was broken, you should unpack the package in the presence of post workers so that they can refund the damage and for us to send the replacement. It is important to do this not leaving the post office. Otherwise, neither we nor Nova Poshta will be responsible if the damage has been obtained or detected after you leave the post office.


Preserved flowers, and particularly roses, have recently gained high popularity among those who always try to choose really original gifts for the people who are dear to their hearts. Such a high demand of such flowers is by no means accidental. After all, the beauty and the beast rose is unique in all respects starting with the process of its creation and ending with an amazingly beautiful look. Of course, fresh flowers will also always be popular. However it is definitely the stabilization that provides a great chance to keep flowers for a long time, and even in a couple of years they will look as if they have just been cut.

How are roses and other flowers preserved?

When a bright and juicy rose in a glass dome made of the purest glass appears before a person's eyes, preserving its beauty for a very long time, he or she are very likely to think that they look at the manifestation of real magic. Meanwhile, in the process of preservation there is nothing unreal although preserved plants do look as if they have descended from the pages of the Book of Children's Tales.

Stabilization is a very effective plant conservation process, during which its liquids are replaced with a solution containing glycerin. This substance, as it is well-known, is part of many cosmetics and household chemicals and is absolutely safe for human health.

Some people seeing non-incompatible beauty and the beast roses, suggest that they observe flowers in a vacuum. In fact, it is not like that. Such a high-quality and long-term 'embalming' of flowers is provided precisely with the glycerin solution, while the rose in the glass bulb is with ordinary air, just under glass. The glass bulb is designed to protect the plant from all sorts of mechanical damage and to prevent dust from falling on the leaves and petals. After all, a rose under glass will be kept for a very long time, and protection in the form of a bulb is absolutely necessary for it. And such a souvenir looks very impressive. So if you hear the phrase 'rose in a vacuum' somewhere, you can be sure that the person who told these words meant definitely the stabilized rose.

The benefits of a preserved rose as a present

Bright, attractive and somewhat mysterious rose under a glass bulb, preserved in its original form for many years - you must admit that such a gift is at least very unusual. If you still hesitate, not knowing whether to buy such a souvenir for a beloved one, then remember the following:

  • A Beauty and the Beast rsoe is without exaggeration a universal gift. It can be presented both for the birthday, for the celebration of the wedding, and for the wedding anniversary, and simply as a gift for no reason. In any case, making such a memorable gift, you will be able to express your warm feelings and affection to a person as well as possible;

  • The flowers in the glass dome preserved by the method of stabilization are much more interesting and more original than just a bunch of fresh flowers. It often happens that a person buys a luxurious bunch that fades the very next day. And all because you can not know how long this bunch stood in a flower shop before you bought it. The so-called “eternal rose” will not cause your disappointment, because it will be able to stand for more than one year after purchase and will remind all this time the person to whom you gave it of you;

  • in its look, a Beauty and the Beast rose (or a rose under a dome) is not inferior to a natural flower. This way it can be favorably compared with dried flowers or those that can be stored in any other way.

Thus in case before any next holiday you are confused as for choosing a gift you should feel free to buy a preserved rose under an elegant glass bulb. Such a gift will suit even a child - an unusual flower looks exactly like the well-known rose from the cartoon 'Beauty and the Beast'. In the children's eyes (and in the eyes of many adults) it will look absolutely fantastic. By presenting the unique beauty of a stabilized rose, you present not just a thing, but an emotion. Try to argue with this, looking at the person who is happy to receive a similar gift.

Prices on preserved roses

Anyone who has heard of such a flower or has ever seen it, is certainly interested in the question - how much does a Beauty and the Beast costs? The price of 'eternal' flower is not fixed and may depend on the height and size of the flower, on its variety, the size of the glass bulb and on some other factors. But in any case, the rose in the glass dome is worth getting it. After all, the joy that a person who has received such a gift will experience cannot be bought for any money.

Where can a rose in a glass dome be bought in Ukraine?

You can always be sure that the rose you bought in the glass is a win-win gift version. Many people buy preserved flowers just to decorate their homes with them. Without a doubt, such an acquisition is fully justified, giving you a lot of pleasure from the contemplation of a tangible miracle.



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